October Reads: 5 Terrific Fall-Themed Books

This post is designed for speech-language pathologists looking for SLP-approved, fall-themed books for speech therapy sessions. These are tried-and-true books I’ll be using this October in my speech room.

Ah, fall. I absolutely love the fall. I also love teaching my students about fall themes: apples, back to school, and pumpkins. In this post, I’ll share what I’m using in my speech room this month.

September Apples Theme: Six Low-Prep Activities

This post is perfect for SLPs looking for a simple but effective lesson for September. In September, apples are ready to pick, and apple-themed activities can be perfect for preschool and elementary-aged students to target prepositions, vocabulary and more. Read on for a step-by-step lesson guide so you can easily use these ideas in your own speech therapy sessions.

September Apples Theme: Six Low-Prep Activities

Do you do themed therapy in your speech room?

To be completely honest, I often feel that themed therapy is for SLPs with more lesson planning time (or more “stuff”) than I’ve got. I try to keep it simple at work and not have too many toys or extras. I rotate my toys at the clinic (meaning I store some for a few months, and then switch out toys every few months) so that clients don’t get bored. Relative to many SLPs, I try to not have very many materials. I like this theme because it doesn’t involve having a lot of stuff around the speech room.

In fact, I do a theme on apples every September. I don’t really need any extra products to do this this unit, and I don’t need to buy much (win-win).

If you haven’t tried an apple unit yet, here’s a step-by-step how I do mine.

Skills I target for these activities: increasing vocabulary, understanding and using prepositions, asking and answering Wh-questions, first/then.